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Fine Arts Museum

The second-largest collection in Languedoc-Roussillon, with works by French, Flemish, Dutch and Italian painters.

The 3,600 works held by the museum include a collection of sixteenth and seventeenth century Italian art and a fine collection of nineteenth century French works.

The central part of the ground floor atrium is filled by a large Roman mosaic depicting "The Wedding of Admetes". This was discovered at the site of the central covered market in the nineteenth century.

Two monumental statues by Henri Bouchard flank the steps leading to this superb museum built in 1907 and then refitted and improved by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte in 1987.

NOTE: The fine arts museum is closed until 11 July 2018 included.

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MusÇe Des Beaux Arts Photo OTNåmes J Louis Aubert
Fine Arts Museum
MusÇe Beaux Arts. CrÇdit Ville De Nåmes
Fine Arts Museum
MusÇe Beaux Arts2. Ville De Nåmes
Fine Arts Museum


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