An innovative museum, Mediterranean garden and meeting place.

The Musée de la Romanité is one of France’s major contemporary architectural projects. Jean-Paul Fournier, Mayor of Nîmes, initiated this project after extremely rare mosaics were discovered during digs in Allées Jaurès. This museum is their showcase which they share with 5,000 works out of the 25,000 pieces that make up the archaeological museum’s collection. Signed by Elizabeth de Portzamparc, it was designed around a demanding scientific and cultural project with the mission to explain the city’s rich classical heritage, but also to inspire people to discover and understand it and pass it down.

Wrapped in an undulating facade of translucent glass echoing mosaic, this major new archaeological museum, measuring 9,200m2 and facing the arena, invites visitors to a unique experience. Travel back in time through the history of Nîmes - from the 7th century BC to the Middle Ages - with a highly innovative and intriguing presentation including augmented reality and monumental audio-visual technology.

At the entrance, admire a spectacular vestige of the propylaea pediment, completely reconstituted and restored, hanging 15 metres above the ground. It is the symbol of the entrance to the sanctuary of the source, the city’s birthplace. It is the entrance to the museum, archaeological garden, restaurant and planted terrace from where you can enjoy a 360° panoramic view over Nîmes and its beautiful Roman gems.


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Romanite 1
Musée de la Romanité
View from the top of the arena
Romanite 3
Musée de la Romanité
Arena forecourt view
Romanite 2
Musée de la Romanité
View from the top of the arena
Romanite 4
Musée de la Romanité
Restaurant terrace
Romanite 5
Musée de la Romanité
General view
Romanite 6
Musée de la Romanité
Glass drape
Romanite 7
Musée de la Romanité
View over the arena from the restaurant terrace
Romanite 8
Musée de la Romanité


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