The Gardonnenque, a territory shaped by the Gardon river

The territory and its communes

The territory and its communes

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Les Gorges du Gardon

Les Gorges du Gardon

A paradise for nature lovers

A canyon carved out by the crystal-clear water of the Gardon river, this is the beautiful spectacle offered by these vertiginous gorges! It’s an ideal spot for hiking, and you will be amazed by this spectacular regional nature reserve that has been classified as a "biosphere reserve" by UNESCO. To enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the most impressive meander of the Gorges, go to the Castellas belvedere which is a few minutes' walk from the village of Russan where birds of prey and others circle at the heart of this majestic environment!

You are in the heart of a protected area! Respect for this rare and fragile nature is essential. Access to the site is highly regulated, so please respect the instructions posted at the entrance to the gorges!

Make a stop at…
La Maison du Grand Site des Gorges du Gardon - 2 rue de la pente - Hameau du Russan - 30190 Sainte-Anastasie
04 48 27 01 00
Fun, educational and interactive, the Maison des Gorges du Gardon will help you discover all the riches of this remarkable environment. Fauna, flora, cliffs and caves are the different themes highlighted in this museum space which will transport young and old to the heart of this natural site that has been inhabited since Prehistoric times!
The Gardon in practice

Le Gouffre des Espélugues

Le Gouffre des Espélugues

A geological treasure

Not far from the picturesque village of Dions, a gigantic natural cavity is hidden: the Espélugues chasm! This funnel-shaped curiosity was carved out of the limestone by erosion. This 70-metre deep abyss is also known to house the largest crater in France! This wonderful, cool oasis, with its luxuriant vegetation will never cease to amaze you!

If youre curious, sporty or even a caver, get off the beaten track and discover this unusual and impressive place! 

Our guide's anecdote
The Espélugues abyss is nearly 160 metres long and 115 metres wide and could easily contain our amphitheater of Nîmes!

You are in the heart of a protected area! Respect for this rare and fragile nature is essential. The access to the chasm is particularly steep and dangerous, so please wear proper footwear and do not enter the site in case of bad weather.

Cycling Discovery Loop of La Gardonnenque

Cycling loop "la Gardonnenque"

An escape to the treasures of the hinterland

This loop allows you to discover a territory through the economic and historical development of its villages. The local economy in the Gardonnenque was mainly based on vineyards and truffle oaks.
Ancient mulberry trees, inherited from the time of silkworm breeding, punctuate the landscapes of the hinterland, little frequented and still preserved from tourist flows, true environmental assets.

Download the map of the cyclo-discovery loop