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Supporting service providers

Aware of the expectations of customers and the challenges and collective awareness that we must bring to the preservation of the environment, more and more service providers are tending to join an eco-label approach and to promote short circuits. Lodgers, restaurateurs and producers are offering their customers an eco-responsible service or one that favours short circuits. The services of the Tourist Office are available to support them and promote their initiatives.

We also assist our partners in welcoming customers by providing them with documentation in different languages, and by sending them weekly information on current events. One or two meetings a year are devoted to exchanges between the various professions and allow us to discuss current issues, as well as the season's results and projects for the coming year.

A specific section is dedicated to them on the website. Since 2020, information related to the pandemic and to the assistance and information necessary for the management of their business is made available to them and updated regularly.

All year round, we support the region's economic activity through actions carried out with the French and foreign press, through promotional actions carried out in France and abroad, in partnership with other institutions. These actions are monitored to assess the return on investment for the benefit of tourism professionals, shopkeepers and, more generally, the destination.
Our presence on the main social networks also allows us, throughout the year, to give an audience to our partners whose news we relay.

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