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Engaging our structure

Working in an environmentally friendly establishment is one of our priorities. Thus, in 2019, we have refurbished our main reception office, in compliance with current standards and regulations, and we have given priority to energy-saving equipment.

The interior and exterior lighting is made up exclusively of LEDs and certain areas (sanitary facilities) are equipped with automatic lighting. A general circuit breaker allows the lighting to be completely switched off at closing time; the exterior lighting is programmed to be switched off at midnight, thus avoiding any light pollution.

Water management is optimised thanks to the installation of water-saving tanks for the sanitary facilities and taps equipped with timed mixers for the various sinks.

For the comfort of our visitors and our teams, ventilation is managed by a VMC and heating and air conditioning by dual-flow systems that can be regulated by zone.

Selective sorting is practiced by the staff as well as the recycling of materials including printer and photocopier ink cartridges.
The volume of printing is assessed as best as possible in order to limit waste and the disposal of our media.
Finally, actions and recommendations on behaviour and usage have been put in place for employees.

Promoting the local economy is also one of our missions. For the elaboration of our range of products proposed in our shop, we call upon local craftsmen and producers of our territory in order to favour short circuits. As far as possible, the products on sale are certified organic or sustainable agriculture, and the objects are made in France, mainly by local craftsmen.
The marketing of the products themselves is accompanied by events/tastings carried out by the producers themselves and thus support the development of their activity.

The company is attentive to the social cohesion of its teams and organises annual days dedicated to this time of exchange. Training sessions and tours are scheduled throughout the year between the various departments to promote communication and participation in escape games is also an opportunity to share experiences outside the company.

You have no products in the shopping cart.